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Therapy for individuals, couples, & families

With you every step of the way.

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Focus Areas

Listed below are some focus areas in which Mindful With You Psychotherapy & Counselling Services can provide you therapy services and support.



Anxiety symptoms can be confusing, overwhelming and stressful at times. Through personalized therapy sessions, our goal is to equip you with effective tools and coping strategies to manage your anxiety, guiding you towards a calmer, more confident, and balanced life. Once some effective coping skills have been established, we can begin to dig deeper into finding the root of what your anxiety may be stemming from.


Narcissistic Personality (NPD)


Relationship Issues

Everyone deals with relationship issues in unique and different ways.  These differences in communication and expectations can often cause conflict and disconnection.  Whether you are looking for individual relational support or couples therapy, Mindful With You is here to support you every step of the way. 

Relational issues can include communication issues, premarital, divorce or separation issues, infidelity, cross-cultural issues, relationship dependence and more.


Sport Performance



Feeling down and experiencing difficult emotions is a normal part of life, however, these experiences can sometimes feel overwhelming. Mindful With You is here to support you through these unexpected life changes and transitions. Understanding what depression is and what treatments are available is the first step in regaining control in your life and your happiness. 



Being involved with a narcissist can often times result in severe stress, feeling defeated and feeling as though we have lost ourselves and our confidence due to their emotional manipulation and destructive behavioural patterns.  


Mindful With You strives to assist you through this difficult journey to guide you through the healing you need. 


Life Transitions

Life transitions can be stressful, intimidating and confusing at times. Life transitions often involve change which can be a lot to adjust to. Sometimes we could feel stuck in where we are or where we are going next.


While some life transitions could be exciting, other could feel daunting - seeking support in these times could be beneficial as it could provide you with the support and understanding you need every step of the way along with some helpful coping skills unique to your situation.

Support and focus on optimizing athletic success with focus on mental well-being. Integrating psychotherapeutic techniques with a focus on mental well-being for athletes, addressing psychological barriers, overcoming fears and anxiety, utilizing approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness to enhance mental skills such as confidence, motivation, and concentration. Support in fostering a strong mind-body connection reaching peak performance while maintaining mental balance in the competitive sport world.


Self Esteem/Confidence

Self-esteem and confidence can be linked to feelings of security, identity, competence and a sense of belonging. Struggling with self-esteem and confidence can often lead to difficulties in decision-making processes, motivation and emotional health.


Life experiences are an important factor in how an individual's sense of self can develop. These experiences could be explored through therapy as well as gaining different perspectives and new skills.

Stress and burnout can be caused by a number of things such as school, work, family, extra-curricular activities and relationships and social lives. Chronic and severe levels of stress can take a toll on our mental and physical health.


Through expert guidance and evidence-based techniques, we aim to help you regain balance, reduce stress, and prevent burnout by providing coping strategies, self-care tools, and a supportive space for healing and renewal.



Experiencing trauma can be a challenging and painful time. It may be extremely difficult to process what has occurred or how to begin to heal.


Through therapy, processing, understanding and healing can begin with offered support and guidance in a genuine and safe space. You truly have the ability to process past events, address difficult memories, and live an empowering, fulfilled life - all of which can be done together through the therapy process.

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